We’ve “gained” an hour due to daylight savings time, and we can either enjoy a little extra sleep, putt around, or use it productively.  There is no bigger fan of sleep on the planet than I am, and if you need the extra sleep I suggest you take it.  But if you find your body waking up at your usual time, why not use that extra hour to your benefit? Here are 10 ideas to use that hour.

Prospect. Spend this found time prospecting a handful of new clients.

Excercise: Put that time to your health and exercise in a way that is enjoyable for you.

Read: Business or pleasure, reading is great way to start your day. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea and dig into that book you never have time to read.

Create: being creative reduces stress, improves health and mental clarity. Use that extra time to sketch, paint, knit, play an instrument, sculpt, craft, garden, sew, build, bake or try something new.

Walk:  Alone or with a friend, 2 legged or 4, take a walk.

Research: What is new in your field? What is your competition up to? What is happening with issues that could impact your field? Use this time to learn.

Network: Invite someone to meet you for coffee or breakfast.

Learn a Language: Online and audio program break lessons down into short segments, making them ideal for daily learning.

Write: Keep a journal or diary, write a letter, poem, short story, book or a blog.

Do Nothing: Enjoy the silence. Your best ideas might come to you when you have nothing to do but enjoy your thoughts.


What other ways have you found to sneak in activities that we never seem to have enough time to enjoy? I’d love to hear your suggestions.