You know when you meet someone who just permeates confidence and fun and you immediately want to know them better? That’s what happens when you meet Karen George. I first met her at an event when we were both chosen to serve as Dollywood Insiders. I learned not only is she an influencer, but she’s also a successful Realtor, comedienne, and is involved with a zillion organizations and projects she manages to juggle with a smile.  Here is a woman who is a natural born salesperson if there ever was one, and she used her skills to create a lifestyle that allows her to put her family first and travel often. Karen might make you wonder if she has more hours in the day than the rest of us!

Tell us a bit about yourself:

KG: I am Karen George, wife/mother/REALTOR®/clean comedienne/philanthropist …exhausted. I am originally from Chattanooga, TN and due to my husband’s job at his dream campus, the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, we moved to East Tennessee in 2009. After settling in, I went back to my first love of working as a Paralegal. Due to some health concerns, I needed more flexibility while helping my family of 3 boys (Christopher 26, Chris-Allen 19, and Ben 12). I stayed contractual and used previous work experience as a loan processor and got my real estate license. I am now an award-winning REALTOR® with Realty Executives Associates, an educational coordinator for the Women’s Council of Realtors, a board member of both the Oak Ridge Chamber of Commerce and Bethany Christian Services while being a member of the Pilot Club of Oak Ridge. I volunteer at my church, Faith Promise Church. I have three Facebook pages, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter (many are connected for 1 post on all). I have enjoyed helping families to transition into their next phases of life. I was told by family and clients alike that I was funny and very confident so I began stand-up comedy in 2010 and have now performed from Washington, D.C. to Atlanta, GA.

Q. You wear a few hats and are a Realtor, comedienne, and blogger. Why did you decide to combine roles?
KG: Comedy is my hobby and outlet. Real estate was a perfect fit for me professionally, but I feel that I was born to do both. Blogging and social media came as my friends and influence broadened. I became a Dollywood Insider to foster my family’s passion for the part, and show our perspective and experience.

Q. Have you always thought of yourself as an entrepreneur?
KG: I am a hustler! I will make a way to live the life that my family deserves. I have tremendous leadership skills and owning my own company and taking care of business comes easily.

Q. All your jobs offer a great deal of flexibility. Is this a necessity for you?
KG: Motherhood and family are first. My husband’s job requires that he travel and I must be available for my children and travel. I thank God for this advantage.

Q. In terms of your businesses, what is your definition of success?
KG: I am a success when my clients are satisfied in comedy and real estate. I am successful when God is glorified in my daily work.

Q.What strengths do you possess that you feel have been the most helpful to you in creating a successful business life?
KG: Wow! This is a tough question. I can assimilate to those around me and make them feel most comfortable. Whether it is the country club or the inner city- I will not offend. Humor helps me every day!!!

Q. Were you always comfortable in the role of sales, or did you need to develop that skill?
KG: I could “sell heaters in hell” as a small child. I am confident, study my product and come prepared while using layman’s terms and being comfortable.

Q. What are the biggest impacts your business has made in your life?
KG: When my boys are proud of me and share my social media posts of work/comedy/Dollywood Insider. That changes me and them forever.

Q. What does a productive work day look like for you?
KG: Carpool line, meetings, answering emails, preparing files, opening mail, errands. Hopefully a closing, lunch with a colleague, carpool line while writing jokes on iPad, afterschool activities, preparing for house showings, meeting with assistant, kiss husband or pizza delivery guy (whichever comes home first). On way out of the house for showings, come home and prepare contracts while snuggling with husband for football.

Q. Do you find the comedy business to be more difficult because you’re a woman?
KG: It is most difficult because I refuse to do raunchy, adult comedy. I mostly perform at private parties, churches, and civic organizations.

Q. What are tips or advice you would give others starting out in real estate and/or comedy?
KG: Have savings. Be tough skinned. Have a supportive, understanding family. Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.
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