A few years ago Treasure Hatch decided she needed a new challenge and become a retailer with LuLa Roe. Within weeks she recouped her initial investment. Within months she was making more in this side business then her full-time position, and after just 8 months she quit her full-time job. Her success with the company is outstanding, not only in terms of income but in the personal fulfillment and joy she has found. LuLaRoe’s upbeat and whimsical designs are a superb fit for Treasure. She’s as playful and spirited as the fashions, and she’s been able to train a team of entrepreneurs that are enjoying success alongside her.  It’s been a joy to watch her flourish, and I asked her a bit about her journey.

Q. Tell us a bit about your business as a retailer with LuLaRoe.

TH: I started my LuLaRoe business in January of 2016. It was instant true love and I quickly built my inventory to include over 2,000 pieces. I order my product wholesale direct from LuLaRoe at least 3 times a week so that I always have fresh product for my customers. I do about 50% of my business online and 50% in my home with local shoppers (yes, I have converted over 600 sq. feet of my home to LuLaRoe). I have also been blessed with a team of about 60 girls under me who I work hard to mentor and encourage in their own businesses. I take this aspect of my business very seriously and find it one of the most rewarding aspects of my LuLaRoe business. I would love for every woman to feel the fulfillment I have felt since starting this journey. One of my favorite parts of my day is when I get to connect with my team and/or talk to a potential new retailer about how to start their own boutique!

Q. Why did you decide to start your business?

TH: My husband and I have 2 boys 16 and 21. With their busy school and work schedules, we had started to feel a little like we had lost our purpose. Neither of us felt fulfilled in our fulltime jobs and decided to delve into something that would fill our evenings with creativity and a little extra cash for the college funds and vacations before the kids flew the coop. Little did we know just how much this decision would change our lives. I quit my fulltime job after 8 months and have consistently more than doubled our household income each month. Besides, with a name like Treasure Hatch, wouldn’t it be a travesty if I didn’t capitalize on it in some way?

Q. What strengths do you possess that you feel have been the most helpful to you in creating a successful sales-based business?

TH: I love connecting with people. I have an amazing network of hard-working women that I have grown to love throughout the years. My previous experiences as a small business owner running a hair salon, helping to build a local charter school and assisting in making it successful for 7 years, mentoring other small business owners to run their own online businesses and working heavily in the communities I’ve lived in to connect families with local businesses has been such a blessing in creating relationships that have helped me be successful with LuLaRoe and other online direct sales ventures.

Q. Were you always comfortable in the role or sales, or did you need to develop that skill?

TH: NO! I feel like I am a TERRIBLE salesperson. For me it’s more about connecting with people. I have made so many friends through LuLaRoe who love coming to shop and visit. Funny, if you would have asked me if I would be in direct sales 2 years ago I would have laughed. Now I have 3 successful direct sales businesses that I love. 2 of which I am a sales leader and actively building a team. The moral of this story is never say never. Be open to change and push yourself to do hard things.

Q. You use social media as a method of connecting with potential customers.

TH: I use Facebook to advertise and reach my existing and new customers. In addition, I have a loyal community of women from all over the country in a Facebook group that I love to hang out with each day. Social media selling has been such an incredible way to build a customer base where I can personally connect with each customer no matter where they live.

Q. What financial goals do you have that your business income is helping you achieve?

TH: Since launching this business our goals have centered around family. We want to be able to create memories and fund an education for our boys without having to stress and worry about incurring debt. LuLaRoe has made it possible for us to do that consistently over the past 18 months.

Q. Who is your ideal customer, and how do you connect with them?

TH: Oh gosh. I don’t know that I can say there is an ideal customer for me! I will take them all! I love learning about women’s needs and maybe their insecurities when it comes to how they dress… and then shattering those doubts with a fantastic outfit that makes them realize they are a rockstar! Come one, come all… let me make you feel fabulous!

Q. What are the biggest impacts your business has made on your life?

TH: 100% my marriage. We have had the best time working and running this business in a partnership with Greg. I was able to quit my fulltime job 8 months into my LuLaRoe business and that left so much more time to connect with my husband in a more genuine, meaningful way. We aren’t just running a household and the daily grind, we are creating a future for us and for our boys. Accomplishing this together is the greatest gift LuLaRoe has given me.

Q. What does a productive work day look like for you?

TH: I have daily numbers I ask myself to hit each day. I am a goal oriented person who must have a list of realistic tasks to be completed. If I can complete those tasks I will go to bed feeling accomplished and happy. It is also important for me to be able to sneak away for a session of yoga or lunch with friends during the day to remind myself that I am my own boss. All this hard work I do each day needs to pay off in a little freedom as well or what am I doing this for?

Q. What advice would you offer to women who are thinking of starting a direct sales based business?

TH: If you want to get into direct sales, you need to do it with the intention of running a business. And you need to run it every day. Working a home-based business is no different than opening a brick and mortar store. If you aren’t readily open and available to customers then you will not sell your product. You need to be prepared to invest time, money and more time… and you need to LOVE the products and stand behind the company 100%. If you’re doing it because you think it’s a sure thing and all you must do is hand out business cards and post on social media to your friends and family, then this is probably not for you. You are the only one that will make or break your business. Is it fun? YES! Do you get really tired sometimes? YEP! Is it worth it? Absolutely.

TH: I would love to chat with anyone looking for an incredible opportunity to strengthen their lives, and the lives of others through direct sales. I am currently a Trainer with LuLaRoe and a Senior Stylist with a brand new, fast-growing company ColorSTREET. Both products have my heart. Connect with Treasure at www.facebook.com/lularoetreasurehatch, on Instagram @lularoetreasure or by email treasure@lularoetreasurehatch.com