After spending the past 2 years scheduling online, I’m going back to a paper book, and I’ll probably even use a #2 pencil to write with. Truth be told, I missed having a tangible planner. I missed having a book I can open and lay across my desk, and close it when I’m done and be treated to its cheerful cover. I missed having a sturdy book I could carry with me, and tuck notes and tickets into. I missed having pages to flip to see the holidays and time listed by day, week, month or year. I missed the ability to tuck a pen and a debit card and use it as my wallet for meetings.  I missed the smell a new paper planner holds.

So I picked one out that has all the bells and whistles including fun stickers to highlight special events. And I’m feeling optimistic that this fresh system will breathe life into my time management, which can always use a boost. It feels fresh and new, in an old-fashioned and timeless way if that makes sense!

If you’re rocking your planning digitally and can find what you need when you need it, I’m jealous of you. I envy that you can access everything you need from whatever app you’re on, and you’ll never experience that moment of panic when you realize you forgot your planner. We can assume you’ll always be near a phone, tablet or computer and can instantly schedule a meeting and share it with attendees. You might even add lists and new ideas and share them with others. I’ve tried online calendars and will continue to use Google calendar alongside my paper, which I understand duplicates, yet still seems worth it. But I never seem to get that page at a glance I can with paper.

And according to reviews I see for planners out there, I’m not alone. There’s a sense of satisfaction to handwriting, and the planner business is robust and full of options for every need whether it be managing your sales contacts, calendar, meal planning and more.

How about you? Are you using digital or paper to stay on track? Have you found a system that works for you? And am I crazy to move old school?