When you were pregnant with your first child, did you have plans to be the perfect mother? Have you now been sleep deprived for years and find you’ve shifted your goal to keeping your kids safe and fed? Or maybe you need to lower your parenting standards or just want to feel better about your parenting.  I’ve got a book to suggest.

Sh*tty Mom is perhaps the first parenting “guide” that suggests we parent with less effort, and it does so in a way that is witty, refreshing and plain naughty fun to read.  Sh*tty Mom starts by explaining how children want to ruin you, and moves through chapters with titles including Stop Not Taking The Easy Way Out,  and Yes, It’s OK To Hate the Zoo. Chapters are short enough to allow you to grab a quick laugh while you hide from your kids, and it’s fun to pick a topic amongst the many choices.  My favorite chapters included:

  •          It’s Come to your Attention That Your Kid is Merely Average
  •          Should You Stop Texting If Another Mom Yells At Your Kid?
  •          Miss Work Without Saying It’s Because of Your Sick Kid
  •          The NOM (non-mom) At Work Who Thinks Her Dog Is  A Child

Sh*tty Mom is ballsy and brash, and  4 authors Laurie Kilmartin, Karen Moline, Alicia Yearbo, Mary Ann Zoellner pull from backgrounds including producing, journalism, and comedy with a winning result that is always witty and often hilarious.  I was introduced to Laurie and this book when she spoke for a group Macaroni Kid Publisher Moms. I later found myself lucky enough to share a flight with her, and laughed my way through it. Learn more about Laurie and see where she’s performing . I can only imagine how much fun this group would be with all four of them!

This book had me laughing out loud as I ignored my kids in the pool which seemed appropriate, and I’ve bought it as a gift for a new mom since.  Sh*tty Mom was a NY Times Bestseller and there is a sequel out due in April 2017  called “Sh*tty Mom For All Seasons:  Half-@ssing It All Year Long” I look forward to checking out.